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MGA Professor, Dr. Andre Nicholson, Publishes this April

Dr. Andre Nicholson, assistant professor of New Media and Communications and Student Media coordinator, has published a book chapter titled “The Biased Truth: An Objective Perspective on Nonobjective News Reporting.” The chapter is part of the “Handbook of Research on Media Literacy in Higher Education Environments,” published in April 2018 through IGI Global.

The chapter’s focus is to have media consumers critically analyze how broadcast news anchors from three different genres of news: local, national, and entertainment (or satire), report stories to their audience. The analysis examines how reporters frame the stories and asks if objectivity remains in the reporting. In Nicholson’s research, he found that local news reporters attempt to report news stories with an objective narrative, but it is often the news story’s subject that impedes the process of objectivity. National and satire news programs also lose their objectivity based on the narrative presented by the hosts of the program.

The purpose of this chapter is to offer students, as well as news consumers, some critical points of view to consider when consuming news from these various genres.

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