Stay Informed with MGA’s Student-Run Media

KnighTVision is the student video production office at Middle Georgia State University. Student volunteers work on a news broadcast, short films and radio ads, for example, in order to polish their skills with these different media platforms. It includes coverage of campus events and interviews with students, faculty and staff. Informational videos are created to help new and prospective students get an idea of what campus life is like. The goal is to bring a video representation to MGA through the perspective of the people who make up our university community.

Watch the latest student media news broadcast of KnighTVision.

Student Media at Middle Georgia State University consists of  The Fall Line Review, a literary journal; KnighTVision, a video production lab; and The Statement, the student-led newspaper. The Fall Line Review and The Statement are open forum enterprises staffed with students who are free to select the materials to be published.

Student media serves as an open forum that is a valuable aid in establishing and maintaining an atmosphere of free and responsible discussion as well as intellectual exploration in a campus environment.