Stepping Blocks Career Planning Resources Now Available at MGA

The Center for Career & Leadership Development (CCLD) is excited to share that Middle Georgia State University now has access to Stepping Blocks, an innovative new resource on campus. This resource is open to current students and recent graduates from the past year.

Stepping Blocks graphic.

To get started using the platform with your MGA credentials, visit the CCLD's new Career Planning Resource page. On this page, you'll find a video overview of Stepping Blocks as well as links to Handshake, Focus 2, What Can I Do with this Major?, and other free occupational resources. Along the way, the CCLD encourages you to schedule time to talk to a Career Advisor about your academic interests and how they relate to future careers.

Have you already selected a major? Use this tool to get insight into the skills, trends, and education you need to make career decisions, understand salary potential, and find your dream job.

Are you searching for the right major for you? Start out with the personality test to get a customized profile with recommendations for majors and careers. Then check out the MGA Degrees page and Focus 2 Career Assessment so that you can see which majors we offer at MGA.

How It Works

  • Start with a personality test to match interests & traits with real career journey
  • Analyze career path matches by job title or major from a database of 135M+ professionals
  • Identify relevant pathways with focused outcomes from your institution’s alumni
  • Build a realistic game plan to support target education and career goals
  • Enrich career exploration with curated content for personal & professional growth 

Ready to Get Started?

  1. Visit the Career Planning Resources page to log in to Stepping Blocks.
  2. Sign on with your MGA credentials.
  3. Update your profile, interests, and job/education goals
  4. Start exploring!
  5. Schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor via Handshake to discuss career options. The CCLD can also help you connect with an academic advisor to help you learn more about the academic requirements for your current major or a new one you are considering.

As you begin the exploration process, we strongly encourage you to set up a virtual or in-person appointment to talk with a Career Advisor in the CCLD. Career Advisors help you see the careers that are possible with the majors that interest you. CCLD also works very closely with Academic Advising so that they can connect you to the academic advisor for your current or potential major - they are the best resource for helping you know more about the courses and other academic requirements for your major.

Please let CCLD know how they can assist you as you learn more about the career options related to your academic and career interests. Contact the Center for Career & Leadership Development at or schedule in-person or virtual appointments with a career advisor through the "Career Center" section of Handshake.