29th Annual MGA Academic Bowl

On Friday, February 26th, 2016, Middle Georgia State University will host the 29th annual MGA Academic Bowl Competition for local high school students.  As in past competitions, we are in need of volunteers to act as question readers, scorekeepers, and timekeepers. If you are interested in volunteering, please let Christine Rigsby know by emailing her at christine.rigsby@mga.edu .  If you have a preference for a particular task (reader, timekeeper, or scorekeeper) please indicate that in your reply.  The schedule for the tournament has not been finalized, but you should plan to arrive around 8:15 am.  The competition should finish up between noon and 1 pm.


If you have not participated before and you are curious about what the various volunteer positions entail, here is a brief description of the various roles.


The tournament is run similar to a quiz show like “Jeopardy.”  Teams of players use a buzzer system to compete for chances to answer questions.


  • Readers are the leaders of the competition.  They read the questions and respond to the answers of the participants.  Readers are also responsible for setting the pace of each round in the tournament, keeping the competition rapid and lively.  If you’ve ever dreamed of having a job like Alex Trebek, this is your chance.
  • Timekeepers are responsible for making sure the players answer within the appropriate time limit.  Timekeepers are also identifying the player who buzzed in first, and resetting the buzzer system after each question.
  • Scorekeepers keep track of the score during each round, usually in consultation with team coaches.


A practice session is being scheduled for the week before the tournament and information will be sent out as the time draws closer.  Attendance at the practice session is not mandatory, but some volunteers felt like getting training or a refresher ahead of time made the tournament run more smoothly.


Thank you as always for your support. Please contact Christine Rigsby if there are any questions.