Action Needed if you use GIL library book links or D2L Curriculum Builder

By now, you probably know the MGA Library (along with the rest of the USG) is switching to a new Library system in May. The main change you will notice will be in our online GIL catalog (also called GIL-Find).  On May 26, all our GIL records will be migrated to this new system, so if you have been using any links from our GIL catalog for your classes, you are going to need to take action to ensure that access to those items is not interrupted.

What will be affected?

 Any links you have provided to individual items from the GIL catalog (ebooks, etc.)

  • Curriculum Builder reading lists which contain GIL catalog items
  • Permalinks to GIL catalog items saved from Discover GALILEO

What will NOT be affected?

 Links to the GIL-Find catalog itself. The same URL ( will redirect to the new catalog.

 What do you need to do?

Starting May 26, faculty will have access to the new version of the GIL-Find catalog. Unfortunately, catalogs won’t be live before May 26 and these changes can only be done once the new catalog is live.  When that happens (May 26),  please address the following as soon as possible:

  • Delete any links you have for items in the old catalog. Find the items in the new GIL-Find catalog and copy and paste the new links
  • Curriculum Builder reading lists which contain GIL catalog items will need to be updated by deleting old items and adding the same item from the new catalog (screencast showing how to delete/add items). You can limit to only your institution’s catalog in Curriculum Builder by using the limiter shown in the screenshot below.

Note: Using permalinks for linking to GALILEO content in your course is the best way to ensure students are able to authenticate properly.

Keep in mind that the switch to the new GIL-Find catalog will not happen until Friday, May 26. You will currently see catalog limiters as shown in the screencasts; however, these are still currently pointing to our old GIL-Find records.

If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you!