Advising and MyDegree Template Update


Over the last few months, we have developed advising templates for Middle Georgia’s degree offerings for use in MyDegree.  These templates are now loaded into the system and are ready for use.  Faculty whose names were submitted by their chairs this summer have the ability to access and edit these templates, while all faculty and advisors have access to load these templates into the Planner function in MyDegree for use in advising.

Furthermore, an online tutorial for MyDegree, including instructions on how to load and save the templates, has been created in cooperation with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.  This tutorial is available for all faculty and staff at the following link:

The option to load a pre-defined plan is available for new students. For continuing students, please enter a plan manually using the semester by semester campus schedule (link shown below), tweaking as needed based on courses completed.

Course Schedule by campus and semester:

If you have any questions regarding the use of MyDegree in advising students, please contact Dr. Stephen Svonavec at

Please take a few minutes in your classes to discuss this tool with your students. If students will complete their plans in MyDegree, it will help them see that they have a clear pathway to progress toward graduation. It will also provide the data we need to create efficient course schedules in future semesters.

Thank you for your efforts,