Dept. Arts and Sciences

Advising for Online Mathematics Courses

Proctored Exams

All online mathematics courses require three proctored exams during the semester. The day/time indicated in the course schedule is reserved for proctored testing. The Department of Mathematics offers proctored testing at the Macon, Cochran, Warner Robins, and Dublin campuses. The dates of the online exam, as well as other policies, can be found at

Being Successful in Online Mathematics Courses

The Department of Mathematics offers online mathematics courses to provide opportunities to students who have schedule conflicts. However, online mathematics courses are not for everyone. Generally, students who are successful are those who are comfortable working through course materials on their own, who have good time management skills, and perhaps most importantly, those who have a good command of the prerequisite material. Online mathematics courses are not self-paced and students will be expected to meet deadlines. Students should be advised that online mathematics courses are not easier, nor do they take less time than face-to-face courses.

Getting Help

Mathematics faculty are dedicated to helping students be successful. Sometimes, however, the nature of the subject hinders the communication of complex information remotely. The Department of Mathematics offers professional tutoring and other assistance to students close to the Macon and Cochran campuses through the Mathematics Academic Resource Center, known as the MARC ( Assistance within each course is also provided by faculty via email, discussion posts, videos, and other course tools.


If you are advising students who are interested in registering for an online mathematics course please feel free to direct them to or call the Department of Mathematics at 478-471-2749.