Apply to teach EU courses, 2017-2018

Call for Proposals: Online Teaching

The European Union Studies Program of the University System of Georgia ( is seeking faculty to teach online courses on the EU, Transatlantic relations, or that compare the EU and the United States. A catalog of eleven EURO courses is already developed and have been previously taught, but due to the nature of the material the courses may require extensive updating. In addition, we look for proposals for Capstone courses to be taught in the Spring semester. These are special topics courses taught in a way that allows students to synthesize their knowledge of the EU. The tentative schedule of courses for 2017-2018 and brief course descriptions are attached to this message.

The EURO courses are taught on GoVIEW, the University System of Georgia’s platform for collaborative online programs, using the D2L learning management system. Students register for the courses at their home institutions via Ingress, the USG’s cross-institutional registration system for collaborative online programs. Faculty should be experienced developing and teaching online courses and should be familiar with D2L. The courses are taught according to the GoVIEW common academic calendar for collaborative online programs (

Eligible Faculty

The EU Studies Certificate is an interdisciplinary program, so proposals from full-time faculty at partner institutions from all disciplines are welcome.


Faculty teaching EU Studies program courses are paid up to 9% of their base salary, plus an additional stipend of $1,000 for updating the course. If an instructor teaches the course as part of their regular teaching load, the institution will be compensated at the appropriate rate, rather than the instructor. The terms of the compensation arrangement are spelled out in the EU Studies program MOU signed by all partner institutions.

Expectations Regarding Course Structure

  • Courses must not contain outdated material.
  • Courses should be composed of modules, each with lectures that are written by the instructor.
  • Instructors should not rely on textbooks or other readings as lectures.
  • Courses must maintain compliance with US copyright law.
  • Courses must contain some elements of cooperation or discussion among the students, and assessments/assignments as appropriate to the material and the level of the course (upper division undergraduate courses).
  • Syllabi will be submitted to the program Executive Director at least one month prior to the beginning of the courses to ensure that the course meets program requirements.

Other Requirements

Instructors will need to submit to the Executive Director, before they teach a course, the following: an updated CV, copy of official academic transcripts, and a completed VSU Banner Access Form.

Selected faculty will also need to provide evidence they have obtained the approval of their department head or supervisor to teach the course, either for extra compensation or as part of their normal load.


Click here to download the application: EU Program teaching application

The application packet and materials should be sent in electronic format by April 1, 2016. Send the package of materials to Michael Baun, EU Studies Program Executive Director. Please feel free to forward any questions to this e-mail address or call 229-259-5082.

EU course schedule 2017-2018 – draft

EURO course descriptions