Banner User Survey Due May 1

A message from the Provost about Survey needed for Strategic Planning:

The Office of the Provost and Office of Information Technology Resources is seeking your input in regards to MGA’s use of Ellucian solutions as the end user.  Our Ellucian Banner Representative Susan Kerr will be coming to campus this summer to meet with several departments to discuss current business processes and how we can use technology to aid in these processes.

Prior to the visit, she has requested that each of you complete the survey found at the following link:

Please take the survey portion or portions that are appropriate for your individual role on campus.  In most cases that will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Please be candid in your responses to this survey so that we can get the maximum benefit out of this visit.

I would appreciate if you would complete the survey as soon as possible, but no later than Friday, May 1.

Results from this survey will be compiled and used to facilitate further discussion during the onsite visit that will be scheduled over the summer and to assist in creating an Action Plan for Middle Georgia State University. You will receive further notification if you are chosen to participate in these discussions, as to your specific time and location for the face-to-face portion of this process.

When these activities are completed, Susan Kerr will be meeting with our Executive team to present their findings and make recommendations.  The Executive Team will work with Ellucian to rank and prioritize each initiative based on productivity gains and strategic benefits. This will enable us to more effectively deploy current resources, deal with change, achieve desired outcomes, and overall build a more efficient and effective organization.

Your candid participation in the online survey and onsite interviews (if applicable) is critical to the success of this engagement.

I thank you in advance for your time and thoughtful participation as we work together to make Middle Georgia State University a great place to work and learn.