Battery Recycling

We have been recycling batteries that we use on campus now for several years and it is part of our Environmental Management System. Batteries are considered Universal Waste and therefore have to be shipped like our hazardous waste is shipped annually. The Environmental Protection Agency sets different status levels depending on how much waste each business generates. We are currently at the lowest level of a waste generation which is a very good thing for us. I just wanted to point out that we are getting a lot of used batteries from students and possibly some employees who are bringing them from home. It is awesome that everyone is trying to recycle and help with the sustainability efforts for our planet, however, it is very expensive to ship these batteries and also makes our waste generation count inaccurate.  This may cause our status to be elevated with the EPD creating more of a financial burden as well as a lot stricter rules regarding waste management. We can only get an accurate amount of waste generation if we only count what we are actually generating from our campuses. Starting now, please direct any students or employees who are bringing batteries in from home or from their personal equipment, to please drop them off at the nearest Home Depot or Lowes, and even some Walmart’s have battery recycling receptacles in there entrance ways for the general public. We really appreciate the motivation and effort, but this is an expense that MGA can only incur from what we as an institution generates. Thank you for all your green efforts and understanding!