Budget Survey Results

Thank you to all of the survey respondents who let us know if our actions over the past few years have made a difference in making MGA’s budget process more transparent, inclusive and collaborative.  Below we are sharing the results, as well as plans to increase the services provided by our office.

Budget Training / Items for Budget Webpage:

Our goal for FY19 is for all budget managers to complete a “Budget 101” training in order to gain Budget Activity Report access.  This access will allow budget managers to pull their budget information at any time.  The Budget Services Office will still send monthly reports to all managers.

We will also make how-to documents showing you how to run budget activity reports, etc. and post these on our webpage.

Budget Information:

There were several comments about where funding comes from and where that money goes.  Every year, our office creates a Budget Stakeholder report that has recently transformed into a dashboard that is handed out at convocation.  This report/dashboard answers several of these questions and more.  The FY18 report can be found online and we are currently working on the FY19 report.

Other Comments / Suggestions:

We heard you; you would like to see/know the following and Budget will work with the Office of Finance to get the information out to you and on their webpages.

  1. Links to policies and procedures about what is allowed / not allowed in purchasing.
  2. Who to contact for travel?
  3. When there are updates in PSFIN/ePro/T&E Module
  4. Who to contact when purchasing certain items – computers, laptops, printers?
  5. A step-by-step power point process for ordering using PeopleSoft.
  6. Overview of how to submit invoices for processing/payment and how to track payments.