Nominations now being accepted for faculty awards

Dear Faculty,

The Faculty Recognition Committee is calling for nominations for the Middle Georgia State University Faculty Awards for Excellence in Teaching, Excellence in Service, and Excellence in Scholarship.  We hope you will nominate those full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty members who consistently exceed our institution’s standards in these areas.  Please note that the procedures for the nominators and candidates have been streamlined from those in past years (see below).

  • The nominator must submit a one to three page letter (or email) of nomination (note that a candidate can self-nominate).
  • Candidates for the teaching award do not need to obtain a letter of support from a student, and do not need to make copies of their teaching evaluations.
  • The only additional materials that the candidate or nominator must then submit is
    • current CV,
    • a one-page summary of the candidate’s most notable achievements in the area, and
    • a letter of support (or two letters if the candidate is nominating himself or herself);
    • excerpts from monographs, books, or other scholarly works may be requested by the committee if needed for the Scholarship Award.

Additional information about each award can be found in these documents:

This message is just meant to get you thinking about who you might want to nominate for one of these awards.  The committee’s goal is that we get at least one nominee from each academic unit (which shouldn’t be too difficult a task since everybody works so hard all across our five campuses)!

The deadline for (1-3 page) nomination (or self-nomination) letters is February 12, 2016.  Please email the letters to


Dr. Steven D. Wallace, chair of Faculty Recognition Committee