College of Arts & Sciences Recognizes Community Engagement

Dr. Ron Williams, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences (COAS), is pleased to announce that four faculty members and the Department of Natural Sciences are being recognized for their outstanding service to the community.

Registration is now open for Skycamp @ Middle Georgia State University

Good Afternoon, MGA faculty and staff are invited to the School of Aviation’s Skycamp. This year we are offering two sessions of the camp; one on the Macon campus, and one on the Eastman campus. We still have room available for campers. The camp is geared toward the middle school age (10-14). It’s three days Continue reading

Middle Georgia State’s School of Aviation Partners with Delta Air Lines TechOps to Develop Aircraft Maintenance Technicians

The pathway to a high-paying job in aviation is becoming a lot more navigable, thanks to a partnership between Middle Georgia State University’s (MGA) School of Aviation and Delta Airlines. Delta’s partnership with MGA – one of only 45 schools nationwide that were selected to participate – is designed to help the University better prepare students to meet an industry need for qualified and well-trained aviation maintenance technicians.