Cell Phone use is Changing for Drivers in the state of Georgia

On Sunday, July 1st, 2018, the state of Georgia will begin enforcing a new law that Governor Deal has approved that will affect all Georgians cell phone use while driving.

The “Hands – Free Georgia Act” House Bill 673

On May 2nd 2018 Governor Nathan Deal signed the “Hands – Free Georgia Act” into law. Effective July 1st 2018, Georgia drivers will no longer be able to use cell phones while operating any vehicle.

Under the bill, holding a phone at all while driving is prohibited; even when stopped for a traffic signal or stop sign.

The use of cell phones will be allowed only when making emergency calls to report a traffic crash, criminal activity, fire, medical emergency or hazardous road conditions. Drivers will also be allowed to text if they are using technology that converts voice to text messages.

The first offense for drivers will be a $50 ticket and one point on your driving record. After the first offense, the penalties will become more severe. For more information on this bill visit Georgia Department of Public Safety.