Chief Douglas graduates from USG leadership program


Shawn Douglas, our police chief and assistant vice president for police services and risk management, was recognized at the University System of Georgia’s meeting of the Board of Regents this week for being one of the members of the inaugural graduating class of the USG’s new Chief’s Leadership Initiative Program.

Bruce Holmes, the USG’s director of safety and security, recognized the graduates with the following presentation. Congratulations, Shawn!

Thank you Mr. Chairman, Regents. And Chancellor

As you recall, The Chief’s Leadership Initiative Program (CLIP) was one of the recommendations of the Safety & Security Committee the Board approved in May of 2015. Today we honor Class One as the inaugural graduating class of the program, which concluded in December.

The purpose of the program is to assist USG Chief’s with increasing professionalism within their departments and enhancing community policing efforts by improving on their existing management skills.

Over the past several months, participants in the program received training in various topics such as; ethics and professionalism in law enforcement; building department integrity; and community policing, as well as other subject matter.  Training was delivered through a variety of formats to include traditional classroom, online courses, and, most importantly, projects where students were required to implement what they learned within their departments and institutions, then report on their results, and discuss ways to further improve their efforts. Through these projects, participants engaged members of their campus community as well as employees within their departments. In the final portion of the program, participants were assigned a class project to complete as a group.

The class project consisted of developing assessment guidelines for USG police departments to assist in the implementation of another approved recommendation from the Chancellor’s Safety Committee.

Like the traditional academic classroom, participants were evaluated and graded on their participation and projects and were required to achieve acceptable grades to successfully complete the program.

Although we are recognizing their successful completion of the training program today, each of the graduates will continue in the learning process by serving as mentors for the next class of participants which begins later this month.