Cochran deliveries: Street vs. Avenue – it makes a difference!

If you’re a staff or faculty member who places orders for items to be delivered to the Cochran Campus, please make sure to emphasize that our University is located on Second Street, not Second Avenue.

There is a Second Avenue in Cochran – it’s located in the Dykesboro neighborhood, which is made up of small, narrow streets that are difficult to navigate in a delivery truck.  Apparently, some drivers/dispatchers are mistakenly entering Second Avenue in their navigation systems, and ending up stuck in a residential neighborhood, instead of finding our campus.

Obviously, we cannot be responsible for the errors of delivery drivers and shipment dispatchers, but in the interest of being good neighbors to the Cochran community, we can make efforts to reduce these errors.

Whenever you’re placing an order, please try to emphasize to your vendors that they should not confuse Second Street with Second Avenue:

  • If ordering via phone, ask the vendor to make a note on the invoice or manifest
  • If ordering online, look for a “Comments” or “Special instructions” field on the order form.  You can copy-and-paste this into that field:
    • IMPORTANT: Delivery should go to Second STREET.  DO NOT attempt delivery on Second AVENUE.  Thank you.

It may also help to make sure you always include the full address of the campus, including the “SE” notation, on order forms:

1100 Second Street, SE
Cochran, GA 31014

Thank you for your help, and for all that you do for Middle Georgia State University.

Henry Whitfield

Director – Cochran and Eastman Campuses