Community Garden News

Students, faculty and staff are invited to join the MGA Community Gardens!

We have received several requests that the Macon campus Community Garden be prepared for a fall growing season.  In response, the garden, located in the terraced field on the West side of campus at the corner of Ivey Drive and Eisenhower Parkway and across from Tractor Supply, has been tilled and is ready for another crop of fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs.  A water source is provided, but gardeners must provide a hose and/or a sprinkler.  Garden plots are approximately 10’ x 10’;  to claim one, please email Rachel Podwolsky.

Fall garden spaces in Cochran, Dublin and Warner Robins have also been set aside for anyone who may be interested in developing other Community Gardens.  If you would like to claim a garden plot on one of these campuses, please contact Laura Gay.