Help Us Identify These Suspects – Macon Campus

Dear Faculty and Staff:

On Monday, October 16, a number of unidentified individuals were involved in Financial Transaction Card theft on the MGA Macon campus.  These suspects entered unlocked offices on campus and stole employees’ credit/debit cards, which they then used to complete transactions at nearby retailers.  Attached, you’ll find photos of two of the suspects; please take a moment to review these photos.  If you can help us identify and locate these individuals, please let MGA Police know immediately – call 478-471-2414 or email police@mga.edu


This serves as a reminder of the importance of securing your belongings – these individuals were able to walk past MGA employees, enter unlocked offices, and go through employees’ desks without being questioned or challenged in any way.  It is vital that all MGA employees take the following measures:


  • Always make sure to lock your door.  Even if you’re just stepping away for a moment, you should be locking your office door.  A few seconds is all someone needs to enter and make off with your belongings.
  • Speak to unfamiliar visitors.  Is there someone unfamiliar walking around your area?  Does someone seem to be lost or wandering aimlessly near your office?  Approach them and ask if you can help them find something or someone.  Just the knowledge that they’ve been seen, recognized, and approached is enough to scare away many would-be criminals – and it has the added benefit of being good customer service to that vast majority of visitors who have no criminal intent whatsoever.
  • If you see something, say something.  If you see any suspicious activity, immediately contact the MGA Police at 478-471-2414.  You are the best person to recognize what’s normal and what’s not normal in your work area – if someone is acting strangely, let us know.


Please make sure to take these steps to secure your belongings while on campus – and these are good practices to follow when you’re at home or out in the community as well.

Thank you,

Toya Coleman

Lieutenant Detective