Dublin Campus Update

In addition to the expansion of academic programs in Dublin announced by President Blake at the recent 30th Anniversary of the Campus, the following changes have been made to better serve our students:

  1. Leigh Ann Tribble, who has served as Community Liaison in Dublin/Laurens County since January, is now Director of the Dublin Campus and University Orientation. Her office is located at LIB 94. She reports jointly to the Office of the President and Student Affairs and will continue to work closely with Dr. Stephen Svonavec, Director of Academic Initiatives in Dublin.
  2. The following physical improvements have been made in preparation for the start of Fall 2016:
    • Improved signage to student services on second floor.
    • Student services co-located on the second floor:
      • Student Activities and Admissions are now in LIB 200, on the same hall as Financial Aid;
      • Three private flex spaces for Advising, Individual Tutoring, and Student Organizations are co-located in LIB 200;
      • Student Success and Group Tutoring are now in DUB 224;
      • Director of Academic Initiatives remains in LIB 220;
      • A Flex Office for Visiting Faculty and Staff, including Advisors and Counselors, is available at LIB 221 (between Student Activities and Academic Affairs).
  3. Grab-n-go food offerings are available in the Bookstore on the first floor, Monday – Thursday, 9am-1pm and 4pm-6pm.

We look forward to welcoming students back to campus!