Easy Go-Green Ideas for the Office

Ten Easy Go-Green Ideas for the Office

Every little thing you do makes a difference. Set the standard for your office.

  1. Keep records electronically on a hard drive, Z-drive, or a shared drive like Dropbox or Google Docs instead of printing everything out.
  2. When you do have to print, print double-sided to reduce paper use.
  3. Start a scrap paper collection that can be used for internal notes or other projects.
  4. Use the mixed and battery recycling bins found in every building instead of trashing recyclable materials. (mga.edu/sustainability for locations)
  5. Optimize the use of natural light and ventilation.
  6. Bring reusable mugs and bottles for your beverages.
  7. Bring your lunch. Not only will this reduce your bills and waist line, it minimizes waste. Ditch those wrappers and paper products for reusable containers and cutlery.
  8. Turn off your computer and other electronics when you leave for the night or the weekend.
  9. Forget the screen saver – letting your computer “sleep” or “hibernate” while you are away for a few minutes will save energy.
  10. Carpool when possible, especially during business trips or long commutes.

from the Office of Risk Management, Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator