Cochran Campus: Increased enforcement of crosswalks, effective immediately

Cochran Campus Community,

In an effort to prevent accidents and injuries, MGA and Cochran Police Departments have begun enforcement of crosswalks on Second Street and Cook Road:

  • From now up until September 26th, any pedestrian not using the crosswalk at these intersections will be issued a written warning.
  • Starting September 27th, pedestrians not using the crosswalk will be issued a traffic citation.

This increased enforcement is taking place due to numerous complaints received in the last two weeks by both the MGA And Cochran Police Departments about pedestrians not crossing at the crosswalk in these locations.  In addition to increased enforcement, the city is evaluating whether additional crosswalks and signage will be added.

We appreciate everyone’s help with this matter and hope that enforcement will educate pedestrians on the location of and importance of using the crosswalks.

Attached are Traffic Safety Facts from the U.S. Department of Transportation. Please take some time to read and learn about ways to stay safe when crossing roadways and intersections.

Thank you,

MGA Police Department

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