Facilities Improvements at MGA

You may have noticed facilities improvements in the works around the university recently. Most of these projects were funded by the Major Repair & Rehabilitation funds awarded to us each year to maintain our campuses.

We are excited about these very noticeable improvements and hope you are too!  Here is a list of some of these:

  • Student Social Space – Cochran Campus – Inside the Cochran Recreation & Wellness Center, there is a new space for students to gather with their friends, play pool or ping-pong, and beginning October 1, eat Papa John’s pizza!  The grand opening for the renovated space was held August 18 and since that time it has become a very popular space with students.

Student Center

  • Quad Pathway – Macon Campus – Currently construction workers are installing a pathway across the quad area between the Library and the Education Building.  This very special path will use a type of “glow-rock” so that the path will actually glow in the dark!  Construction on the path should be complete by October 1.
  • Military Academic & Training Center – Warner Robins – This joint venture between Middle Georgia State and Central Georgia Technical College is scheduled to open in May 2016 in support of veterans from all over the state.  The $10M building, funded by a special allocation requested by Governor Deal, will be a one-stop-shop for veterans as they transition into civilian life.
  • Georgia Hall  – Cochran Campus – Many changes have taken place in Georgia Hall with more on the way.  The entrance has been renovated with the restrooms relocated and a new Bookstore set to open in October.  You will see improvements over the Christmas break in the cafeteria serving and dining areas with most of this renovation funded from Sodexo.   Over the next year, the bottom floor of Georgia Hall will be modernized with all student health services consolidated in that one area.