Faculty Evaluations for Summer 2017

Attention Students: Let your opinion be known!

The following is a schedule for faculty evaluations for Summer 2017. The time frames for completing the evaluations will depend on the last day of classes for each session.

Spring Evaluation Schedule
Session Begin Date End Date
First Session Closed  Closed
Full session July 11  July 25
Second Session July 11  July 25

For example, if you are enrolled in a full session class, you have until the last day of classes (July 25) to complete the evaluation.

There will be two ways of completing an evaluation.

  • There will be a widget in Brightspace that you can click on a link to complete the evaluation.
  • An email has been sent to your MGA email account that has a link for the evaluation. Your participation is greatly appreciated
  • If you are looking for the widget inside Brightspace (D2L), it is on the right side of the My Home page. You may submit the form only once per course and, once submitted, it cannot be edited or retracted. Your responses are completely anonymous. Instructors will receive a summary of responses after grades have been submitted and the semester has concluded. The evaluation only takes a few minutes and your opinions are important. Your last day to complete the evaluation is the last day of your class(es) which is Wednesday, June 21st at 11:59 pm EST for first session classes and Tuesday, July 25th at 11:59 pm EST for full session and second session classes.