Fall 2017 HealthTrails & Financial IQ System Wide Challenge

The University System of Georgia is excited to announce that we will again host a systemwide HealthTrails challenge! The Fall 2017 HealthTrails Challenge is designed to encourage you and your colleagues to follow a path to better health. This challenge not only highlights participating in healthy behaviors, but also contributes to team building and comradery.

Similar to the Spring 2017 HealthTrails Challenge, all institutions will compete for the traveling trophy by completing healthy activities to earn virtual miles. The institution with the highest average miles will win the trophy.

  • Registration begins today! (9.18.2017)
  • The challenge is Monday, Oct. 2 through Sunday, Nov. 12
  • A Kickoff WebEx will be held for employees on Thursday, Sept. 28 at 12 p.m. to explain the challenge and how to register (see flyer link below)

Fall 2017 HealthTrails Kickoff Flyer


Fall 2017 HealthTrails Web Address: https://usgwellbeing.healthtrails.com

How to register: Your unique ID is a combination of your first name, birth month, birth year, last name (John121950Smith).


  • Mobile app feature
  • Trail Talk (wall feature)
  • Trail Mates (buddy feature)
  • Individual Leaderboard
  • Campus Leaderboard
  • Tip Test mileage (correct tip quiz answer): 1 mile

Device Integration

  • FitBit
  • Garmin
  • Movband
  • Yoo
  • Up to 53 different devices

Health Behaviors


  • Goal: 6,000/day, 5 days/week
  • Max: 25,000/day, 7 days/week
  • Aim for at least 6,000 steps or more a day for the greatest health benefits, including lowering your risk for many chronic conditions. You may record as many steps as you’d like, but to encourage consistency a maximum of 25,000 steps a day will count toward your movement on the trail.


  • Goal: 1/day, 4 days/week
  • Max: 1/day, 7 days/week
  • Cultivating gratitude increases happiness and life satisfaction; among other benefits, it also strengthens relationships, boosts the immune system, and helps you sleep better. Aim to express gratitude daily by writing a few things you’re thankful for in a journal, sending a note of thanks, or communicating appreciation to someone in person. You can record as many expressions of gratitude as you’d like, but to encourage consistency, a maximum of 1 a day will count toward your movement on the trail.

Financial IQ Challenge

  • 1/week
  • There are 15 quizzes in the challenge and a maximum of 1 quiz per week will count towards your movement on the trail. Play the Challenge every day to test your Financial IQ. Five winners will be chosen from each institution, at random, at the end of the challenge. You’re automatically entered for a chance to win TIAA promotional gear each time you play a session. Each day, 5 new questions will be added to the Challenge.