Fast Facts About Fall 2015 Student Enrollment

As a part of our new University Strategic Plan, there is an initiative under Strategic Direction 1 to “Increase the quality and preparedness of students enrolling at MGA.” As we move forward over the next several years to do just that, here is the baseline of the academic profile of our new traditional age beginning freshmen and our Move On When Ready Students for Fall 2015.  This baseline will allow us to set goals to increase these averages yearly and move the needle on the strategic initiative.

I. Academic Profile of our New Fall 2015 New Traditional Beginning Freshmen

Beginning Freshmen Academic Profile_Fall 2015

II.  Academic Profile of our New Fall 2015 Move On When  Ready Students (includes Dual Enrollment and Georgia Academy students)

MOWR Academic Profile

III.  Top Feeder High Schools and Counties for New Students Fall 2015

We are also making great strides in recruiting new high school students from both inside our service area and in counties outside our region.

Top Feeder High Schools and Counites Fall 2015













IV. Student Enrollment by Campus, Fall 2015

This fall we also begin to see the distinctiveness of the student profile across our five campuses.

Campus Facts Fall 2015


Finally, in reviewing historical data, it is evident of the impact on the University’s overall enrollment over the past six years with statewide changes in Learning Support and our own changing mission from being more open access institutions, to a state college, to now a public university. This fall establishes a baseline for which to build upon a more traditional university enrollment model that will enhance the recruitment, retention, progression, and graduation of more academically prepared students. We have much to celebrate as Georgia’s newest University but a whole lot of work still to do.  Thank you for your continued support and work to grow enrollment at Middle Georgia State!

Historical Data on LS