Get a Commuter Meal Plan TODAY!

Commuter Meal Plans for the Spring 2019 semester are now available for purchase! Meal Plans can be used at the Macon or Cochran all-you-can-eat dining halls and at retail dining options on all MGA campuses. Learn more information about MGA Dining.

In order to purchase a commuter meal plan with available financial aid, please login to your SWORDS account or click HERE. In order to purchase a plan via cash or card, please visit the Bursar/Business Office. Below are available commuter meal plans for this semester, along with prices:

  • $150 Dining Dollars: $150.00
  • $300 Dining Dollars: $300.00
  • 30 Block + $50 Dining Dollars: $260.00
  • 60 Block + $100 Dining Dollars: $520.00
  • 90 Block + $150 Dining Dollars: $780.00

For any questions regarding commuter meal plans, you may contact Ryan Greene.

Have a great semester!