Great Idea Selected for Summer 2015

As Spring semester ended and over the summer months, we continued to receive ideas from faculty and staff in the President’s Greatness Dropbox.

Some ideas, like strengthening dual enrollment options at Middle Georgia State in light of a senate bill passed in May, are already under way. Others will require further development.

The great idea selected for Summer 2015 came from Assistant Director of Student Life Scotty Rainwater, who suggested we offer a “Sneak Peak Week” in May, with voluntary participation by members of our faculty. “Sneak Peak Week” would allow prospective students to sit in on classes in various disciplines as they decide whether to enroll at MGA and what majors interest them most.

As we prepare for our first Convocation as a University, we have been taking a look back at all we have accomplished over 2014-15.  The enthusiasm with which the campus community responded to the call for ideas into the President’s Greatness Dropbox—where we received more than 100 ideas—demonstrates the kind of engagement that will continue to lead us to success.

For the status of all of the ideas received this year, check out our Greatness Dropbox summary.