Great Ideas – October 30

Dear Faculty and Staff,

I am impressed that in the twelve short weeks since Convocation, we have received 75 unique ideas in our Greatness Dropbox.  Some have resulted in quick action, such as restoring funding for our Science Bowl team. Others, like MGA specialty license plates, will progress once we become a university. And still others are in the planning stages or under consideration by the appropriate unit or committee. In our first update since last month, two ideas are worth a mention:

Mentorship. Kathy Adams, in Library Services in Dublin, suggested a mentorship program by which faculty and staff mentor MGA students and MGA students then mentor K12 students. This is an excellent idea that strengthens the pipeline to lifelong learning and deepens our ties to the communities in which we work.  I have asked our VP of Student Affairs to work with others on the Cabinet to explore the possibilities here and come up with a recommended course of action.

Campus Community Bulletin Board. Just this week, Lana Kempton in Academic Affairs suggested an online bulletin board where we could post announcements. While not exactly the same idea, a new internal communications vehicle called InsideMGA—scheduled to be launched in November—will provide a great new avenue for sharing information across campuses. In order to increase transparency, one of the features in InsideMGA will be a chart that shows all of the ideas that have been submitted to the Greatness Dropbox and their status or resolution.

My challenge to us this academic year was one good idea per week. I am grateful that you have already met and exceeded those expectations and I encourage you to keep the ideas coming.  The next update on the Greatness Dropbox will be on InsideMGA at its launch next month.

Thank you for all you do to help us continually improve as an organization.