Great Ideas Update

As the academic year draws to a close, faculty and staff continue to send ideas into the President’s Greatness Dropbox. Over the past month, we have heard recommendations for more foreign language offerings, programming for junior high and high school students on campus, and a “Student Success” course.

While those have all been forwarded to Academic Affairs for consideration, and some are already underway through Strategic Planning (with recommendations to better engage K-12 students) and revamping our FYE (First Year Experience) course, the great idea selected by President Blake for March is:

Merchandise Vending Machines. Ashley Evans (Auxiliary Services) suggests we provide vending machines near the library or other academic buildings to sell scantrons, blue books, pencils, flash drives, and other small items students may need at a moment’s notice.  This would help the bookstore provide a convenient service to students outside regular store hours.

President Blake has asked Fiscal Affairs to follow up on the machines for next fall. Keep the ideas coming!