Green Zone Training


Green Zone Training was held last fall and it is now time to host additional sessions.  The Green Zone can best be described as a location recognized by veterans and active service members as a safe place.  Training participants will learn about issues potentially facing these two student groups.  At the end of the training session, participants agree to display the green zone sticker which lets veterans and active service members know you are available to provide support and information about resources.  If you missed it last fall or would like a refresher, the following dates have been scheduled during the month of August:

8/8   Warner Robins      Tuesday           10am              Academic Services Building, room 102

8/8   Macon                                               2pm                TEB 231

8/9   Cochran                  Wednesday     10am              Dillard 248

8/9   Eastman                                            2pm               City of Eastman Room

8/10     Dublin                 Thursday         10am              Dublin 223

*Green Zone window clings will be distributed