Guess Who’s Going to be on Jeopardy?

“I’ll take ‘Amazing Things #MGA Professors Are Doing’ for $500, Alex.”

“Here’s the clue: This MGA professor is going to be on Jeopardy.”

“Who is … Dr. Laura Thomason?”

It’s no joke: Thomason, an English professor who also manages international programs for MGA, has been chosen to be a contestant on the popular game show. She is traveling to Los Angeles next month for the show tapings.

“They called me Friday afternoon and left a somewhat anonymous message like a doctor’s office does (‘This is X from Jeopardy, please call me back at…’),” Thomason said. “When I called back they asked me several qualifying questions (do I know anyone who works for Sony Pictures, have I ever been convicted of a felony, etc.) and then said they’d like me to appear on the show. I was almost speechless, which is pretty rare for me!”

Thomason, a self-described trivia nerd, has been trying to get on Jeopardy since 2008 by periodically taking the show’s online tests. Her husband, Daniel, encouraged her to keep trying after watching her play along while watching the show on TV. Thomason auditioned for the show in person three times, most recently when Jeopardy held an on-site tryout in Atlanta last year.

“I’ll travel to L.A. for the November 12 and 13 taping dates,” she said. “As soon as I’m done taping I will know when my appearance will air and can share that with everyone, but the results will be a secret until the show airs, so everyone will have to watch to find out how I did.”

We’ll definitely be tuning in! Best of luck, Dr. Thomason, and congratulations on making your dream come true!