How to Handle an Open Records Request

As a state university, we are subject to the Georgia Open Records Act (O.C.G.A. Section 50-18-71). This means that, with some exceptions–such as privacy considerations under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)–we are required by law to produce records to individuals or organizations requesting them within three business days of receiving such requests.


Earlier this year, the University notified the legal organs (newspapers of record) of the counties in which we operate and posted on our website the designation of an Open Records Officer. Under the Open Records Act, that means that the clock does not begin to tick on the three-business-day deadline until a request is received by the designated individual.


The designated Open Records Officer for Middle Georgia State University is:


Frances Marine Davis, JD

University Counsel & Campus Affairs

Middle Georgia State University

100 University Parkway

Macon, GA 31206



If you receive a request by phone, email, or in writing, please forward it (scanned email copy) as soon as possible to You may also send any questions or comments regarding our process for handling records to the Privacy & Records Working Group at the same email.


These guidelines will be included in upcoming revisions to MGA policies on records. Based on the work of the Privacy & Records Working Group, new record retention schedules promulgated by USG last year, best practices on FERPA, and our process for Open Records Requests, the University policies on records will cover both retention and open records requests, and streamline seven prior policies into two.


Keep an eye on Updates and Proposed Policies in the University Policy Manual. Thank you, in advance, for helping us improve compliance and transparency at MGA!