Important Travel and Purchasing Information

The month of March includes several important deadlines regarding travel reimbursement and purchasing cutoffs.  Please read through each and find which ones apply to you!


  • The USG-wide accounting system upgrade begins at 5:00pm, Tuesday, March 17 and ends on Wednesday, April 1.
    • Travel Reimbursement – During this time you will not be able to access the travel and expense module so please submit travel reimbursement requests by noon on Monday, March 16.  Otherwise, you will have to wait for reimbursement until April 1 or later.  We will not have access to the system so there cannot be any exceptions.
    • EPro – Many of you use EPro to initiate purchases, but you will lose access to it also on March 17.  And due to year end expenditure cutoffs, we will not accept epro requesitions again until July 1.


  • We lose all access to the accounting system on Tuesday, March 24, so no checks of any kind can be cut until April 1 or later.  If you have invoices that need to be paid, please get them to the Controller’s office as soon as possible.


  • End of Year Purchasing Cut Off – Year end cutoff of expenditures will take place earlier than the past couple of years:
    • Purchasing Cards will be cut off at 5:00 pm, Tuesday, March 31.
    • EPro will be cut off Tuesday, March 17 as mentioned.
    • After March 31, all purchases will be required to go through the purchasing department and my office for approval.  More information will go to Budget Managers about this process prior to the cutoff.


Thank you and please direct all questions as follow:


Travel Reimbursement – Christy Colvin @ 757-3602

EPro – Barbara Burns @ 471-2502

P-Cards – Tiffany Leslie @  471-5334