Improvements to MGA Budget Processes

Over the past two years, we have taken intentional steps to make MGA’s budget process more transparent, inclusive and collaborative. To further the transparency initiative, the Budget Office will take the following additional steps:

  • Publish the Year End spending requests with updates detailing the outcome of each request;
  • Publish a Budget Update on InsideMGA (archived on the Budget Services web page) approximately 8 times per year explaining current budget issues and outcomes;
  • Distribute a Budget Stakeholder Letter at Convocation; and
  • Create an annual survey on satisfaction with the process.

The first of the Budget Updates will be published in early April and will benchmark MGA expenditures by function against our USG peers. Another update will follow in May concerning the outlook for the FY2018 budget.

We have just completed MGA’s FY2018 Budget Meeting where each VP had an opportunity to bring forward their requests for the new year, and the group as a whole spent time discussing the budget expectations and prioritizing the budget requests. Additional meetings are planned to prioritize Year End Spending Requests.  Our hope is that these budget discussions will lead to resource allocation decisions that are supported and understood campus-wide.