In Memoriam: Louis Foster

The ‪MGA‬ community is saddened by the passing of Louis Foster, a beloved Cochran resident and instrumental instructor at the University.

From Dr. Alan Clark, Director of Bands:

“Words cannot begin to convey the sadness and loss that is being felt by our members and the staff of the Middle Georgia State University Band of Knights. Mr. Foster was an amazing man, mentor, teacher, and friend. Men like Mr. Foster are never replaced, they are only followed.

In the spring of 1998 Mr. Foster was asked by administrators of Middle Georgia College to start a marching band to support the college’s nationally ranked junior college football team. Mr. Foster willingly accepted this challenge, initially without pay, and was able to field a really good small college band the following fall. The Middle Georgia College Warrior Band quickly became known as an outstanding musical entertainment ensemble. Mr. Foster immediately recruited the services of Miguel Castro and together they built what continues to be one of the most highly respected percussion programs in the state. A few years later when the college abandoned football, Mr. Foster returned to teaching public school.

Wherever he taught he did so brilliantly; producing superior programs and superior musicians in every setting. His students are his legacy and many of them have gone on to become successful teachers and performers. Mr. Foster retired from public school teaching but agreed to return to Middle Georgia when I asked him to be our brass instructor in 2013. What an amazing colleague and mentor he has been as we worked together to build the MGA band program.

Louis Foster is one of the nicest people I have ever known. He is a devoted husband and father and a wonderful friend and teacher to the many hundreds of students he has worked with over the years. Louis was a devout Christian and a man of extremely high moral character. He was in fact a ‘character.’ He always had a joke to share and he was always able to see the humor in life. He always made me smile and he was always a joy to be around. We loved him. This year the Band of Knights will soldier on in his memory. He would have wanted it that way.”

Mr. Foster’s funeral is scheduled for Thursday 30 June 2016 at 4 p.m. in the Bleckley County High School Auditorium in Cochran. Funeral information is at the following address: