Instructions available for opting out of the D2L text messaging system

Recently, several offices on our campuses have received messages or calls from former students who continue to receive college-generated text messages on their cell phones even after they have left the college. It’s likely that the source of these mobile notifications is the D2L system.

Students have the ability to register their cell phone number in their D2L account so mobile notifications generated by D2L are delivered automatically to their phone. Unfortunately, not all students who leave the college remember to remove their phone from this option, so the messages continue to be delivered.

Our D2L administrator has prepared very simple instructions for anyone interested in removing themselves from the notifications. All the individual needs to do is log in to D2L and follow the instructions, which are located on our webpages at this location.

Staff and faculty are asked to refer individuals to this information should the individuals desire to remove themselves from the system.