Interdisciplinary Film Event: Ushpizin

7 PM, Thursday, February 16, 2017

Math Auditorium (Mathematics Building, Macon Campus)

Presented by The Department of Media, Culture, & the Arts

and by The Interdisciplinary Film Series 

Click to view full poster: Ushpizin 11X17

 MGA faculty, students, and the off-campus community are cordially invited to this semester’s Interdisciplinary film event on February 16 at 7 PM in the Math Auditorium. “Ushpizin (The Guests),” a heartwarming comedy-drama from Israel, has had a great success among audiences and critics. Please join the Orthodox Jewish couple on their wild ride as they entertain their not-so-orthodox guests during a Feast of Tabernacles. This will be a rare opportunity to see this cinematic gem on a huge HD screen.

Here is a trailer:

Rated PG. Hebrew with English subtitles. Free and open to the public.

 Dr. Sabrina Wengier who teaches French at MGA and who is Jewish will share her expertise as she gives an introduction to the film and leads the post-film discussion. Drs. Andrew Manis (History) and David Sidore (MCA), and Rabbi Aaron Rubinstein will also form the discussion panel. As always, faculty and students from all disciplines, and community members are welcome! For those from the community, the campus map is available at:

 Refreshments will be served while they last. Many thanks to Dr. Corey Guyton (Director of Student Engagement) and Dr. Robert McTyre (Chair, Dept. of MCA) for sponsoring this meaningful, multidisciplinary, and diversity-driven event.

 For more information, please contact Dr. Yunsuk Chae: or (478) 471-5797. Please see the attached poster for more information about the film and the event. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at the screening!

 Yunsuk Chae, Organizer of The Interdisciplinary Film Series