International Food Festival Itinerary (Cochran)

ENTERTAINMENT for International Food Festival on Cochran campus.

  • 4:00 pm – 5:15ish
    • Soweto Streetbeat, South African Zulu Dance Troupe and Drummers


  •  5:30ish – 7:00ish
    • The Georgia Midlife Chryslers, a classic rock, contemporary, and blues band.


  • 4:00ish-7:00ish
    • Medieval Combat Demonstrations, English professor Peter Gareis and some friends hit each other with sticks and answer questions other than “Why?”.


FOODS 2017


00) Sodexo (The Indian Subcontinent)

Chicken Tiki Masala


Basmati Rice

Cauliflower Curry


Assorted Beverages

Deli Platters

Assorted Bagged Chips




01) French: crêpes, baguettes, and cheese

02) West African: Peanut Soup

03) Japanese: Makizushi (sushi rolls)

04) Argentinian: Empanadas (meat pies)

05) Turkish: Baklava (sweet pastry) and stuffed grape leaves

06) Scottish Fusion: Vegetarian Haggis

07) British-Indian: Curried Chicken

08) British: Hot Tea with clotted cream, and scones/biscuits with jam

09) Hebrew: Hamentashen (triangular, jelly-stuffed cookies)

10) Lebanese: hummus, tabouli, and pita

11) Brazilian: Pao de Queijo (cheese bread)

12) Jambalaya

13) Spanish: Paella (Valencian rice and seafood)

14) Norwegian: Peperkaker (spice cookies)

15) French: Cream Puffs

16) German: Appel Strudel

17) Japanese: Japanese snacks

18) French: Beignets


Thank you to all of the contributors:

Sabrina Wengier (French)

Lorraine Dubuisson (English) & Josh Hill (English)

Peter Gareis (English/LS)

Shanda and Nate Gilbert (English)

Gul Celkan (English)

Benita Muth (English)

Stephen Fuller (English)

Rebecca Edwards (Communications)

Hannah (Mathematics) & Jeremy Upperman (Aviation student)

Noha and Imad El-Jeaid (Physics)

Jackie and Charlie Agnew (Art)

Ashley Warren (Book Store)

Trino Prados (Spanish)

Mary Christian (English)

Mandy and Kirby Swenson (Biology)

Ann Williams (Library Services)

Anime Club with Sharon Standridge

Clint Ready & Tina Mahaffee (Biology & Geology)