Investment in Faculty & Staff to Drive Long Term Excellence

MGA is set to kick off a six month internal study intended to identify challenges in recruitment, compensation and retention of faculty and staff. The process will culminate with the development of a 3 – 5 year plan to address the identified challenges. The first phase of the study will convene a working group composed of faculty and staff, led by Dr. Lisa Burroughs, Executive Director of Human Resources. The purpose of the group will be as follows:

  • Diagnose challenges facing MGA in regards to recruitment, compensation, & retention.
  • Determine the key areas of employment development and the importance of each area at MGA; and
  • Make and prioritize actionable recommendations.

The group will consist of 16 members including two representatives from the College of Arts & Sciences, a representative from each of the five Schools, a Faculty Senate representative, staff representative from each Vice President’s area (including Academic Affairs), a representative from the President’s Office, Staff Council representative, and Dr. Burroughs. The group is expected to hold its first meeting during the month of November.

Additional input is being sought from numerous other stakeholders and recommendations from all faculty and staff will be solicited at some point in the process. A schedule of the entire process will be developed and shared soon and a webpage devoted to the process is expected to be available before the end of the semester.