Join AFS Global Competence Webinars for International Education Week

AFS is delighted to offer *five webinars to help improve your global competence* on the occasion of this year’s International Education Week (IEW, 13-17 November 2017). Join a fantastic line-up of AFS experts plus renowned interculturalists *Dr. Darla Deardorff *and* Dr. Mick Vande Berg* to become part of AFS’s *learning-to-live-together* movement and better your classroom, your workplace, your community and yourself.

Monday, 13 November at 8 am EST *Intercultural Competence in the Classroom* by Julia Taleisnik and Elisa Briga What is intercultural competence and how can teachers develop interculturally competent citizens prepared to make an impact in the world? Join us to explore different ways in which educators can implement intercultural competence development in the classroom, the benefits of doing so, best-practice sharing and access to toolkits educators can use.

Tuesday, 14 November at 8 am EST *Deeper Insights to Better Understand the Arab, Muslim World* by Sherifa Fayez Who are the *real* Arabs? What else is out there besides the wealth, violence and “incomprehensible” Islam? Join us in lifting the veil of the pervasive reductionist perspectives on the Middle East. We’ll share useful insights to better support students going to and coming from the Middle East and encourage you to learn more on your own.


Thursday, 16 November at 5 pm EST *The Missing Piece – Supporting Host Families of Study Abroad Participants* by Marcela Lapertosa and Carla Rey Vasquez The role host families play in study abroad programs and learning outcomes they gain from the experience are largely unexplored. Join us to discover what research shows about the part host families play in international education and look into best practices to make sure we double up impact when helping people develop intercultural competence.

Friday, 17 November at 9 am EST *Global Skills Development for the Workforce: Interventions for Mobility Programs* by Dr. Michael Vande Berg and Bert Vercamer Attend this webinar if you are responsible for or oversee study abroad, volunteering abroad, intern abroad, or language programs, both inbound and outbound. Join us to explore an evidence- and research-based framework for how to build mobility programs that deliver global skills – it’s not as simple as is mostly assumed.

Friday, 17 November at 2 pm EST *Assessing Intercultural Competence* by Dr. Darla Deardorff What is intercultural competence? How can it be assessed? And what are the implications for international organizations and educators? Join us to uncover research-based frameworks of intercultural competence, discuss lessons learned and explore implications for international organizations and educators in addressing intercultural competence.

All webinars will be in English. Participation in all webinars is free of charge and open to the public (however, spots for each webinar are limited). Feel free to share with your colleagues and networks.

Registration and more information is available on the website: or via e-mail at: