Knight Writers Camp

Knight Writers 2019 brought Bleckley County High School freshman Honors English students onto the MGA campus for a day of instruction in poetry followed by a writing marathon.  Activities included creating word art of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Haunted Palace” and writing poems in the style of Emily Dickinson’s “‘Hope’ is the thing with feather.” 

These students represent the best and brightest that Bleckley County has to offer, and the English Department was happy to host these college-bound writers as they learned more about poetry, the writing process, and the opportunities MGA provides its Knights. MGA students Sara Kathryn Smith and Allison Warren led instructional groups at the Knight Writers Camp while MGA students Lara Persiani and Allison Warren were involved in the creation of a digital anthology of BCHS student writing generated during the camp.  These students represent the best and brightest that MGA has to offer, and they also represent MGA’s commitment to experiential learning and undergraduate research.

 Dr. Lorraine Dubuisson directed the Knight Writers Camp, and Dr. Mary Christian’s professional writing classes created logos for Knight Writers in addition to constructing the digital anthology of HS student work.  Mr. Josh Hill provided support for the camp, and Ms. Ann Williams presented a library tutorial session that explained how to use the library catalog and Galileo.