Library Resources 2017 Workshop: What’s working and what’s changing!

Library Resources 2017: What’s working and what’s changing!


75 minutes

How much do you know about the resources and services available to you – and your students – through the MGA Libraries? You may realize we have thousands of journals available online, but how do you find out whether we have that particular one you need? And can you assign an ebook to your whole class? What about those streaming videos, and what is Curriculum Builder for D2L, and can you get a librarian to work with an individual class of yours? If you already know all this stuff, did you know there are big changes coming to the whole USG that will affect how our online book catalog (GIL) looks and works – not to mention GIL Express? Come get a quick overview of all that’s available to you, to ask questions and find out how to get more help, and get a sneak peak of changes that are coming in May.

Presenter: Robin Grant

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