Members of the University Transition Team Announced

The members of the University Transition Team are as follows:

Albert Abrams (Chair), Macon
Kathy Adams, Dublin
Jennifer Brannon, Cochran
Cheryl Carty, Macon
Roger Dixon, Macon
Jed Edge, Cocrhan
Brenda Hogan, Macon
Laurie Shaw, Warner Robins
Brian Stanley, Macon
Leigh- Ann Tribble, Dublin
Mary Wearn, Macon
Ed Weathersbee, Eastman
Carey Wimberly, Macon

The Transition Team will:

  • conduct an environmental and professional scan to identify key necessary steps in the preparation to become a university¬†(mid-April to June 30th), start of Fall 2015 (July 1- August 20), and first year as a university (Fall and Spring semesters 2015-16);
  • produce recommendations on priorities;
  • develop a brief budget for transitional needs;
  • identify internal and external core communication needs;
  • advise on activities by Office of President to support the University launch.

If you have ideas for the team, feel free to contact the representative from your unit or campus.