MGA Faculty Speak at I-75 South Corridor Meeting

Dan Reuter, consultant for the coalition group with Greg George from the School of Business

Macon, Ga. – Greg George, associate professor of economics in MGA’s School of Business, was one of the guest panelists at a recent meeting of the 75 South Corridor Coalition. The group, made up of local government officials, was created to better convey the growth opportunities available in the areas between Atlanta and Macon.

George, who was invited by Macon Mayor Robert Reichert to provide an economic analysis of the I-75 Corridor, presented his preliminary findings at the meeting. Joe Carpenter, who works at the Georgia Department of Transportation, also served as a panelist and discussed transportation projects along the corridor.

“The Center for Economic Analysis stands ready to provide analytic support and serve as a contributing partner to help ensure the success of the coalition,” said George, who serves as the center’s director at MGA.

 The meeting is part of a branding and marketing initiative led by Dan Reuter of Reuter Strategy, an urban planning and community development firm based in Atlanta. Reuter serves as the consultant for the coalition, guiding the group through coordinated efforts to effectively facilitate community growth and economic development of the I-75 South Corridor.

 This was also the second organizational meeting of the group which plans to create a regional association comprised of representatives from each of the nine counties affected by the corridor from Houston to Henry counties. In this way, the group hopes to best harness their resources to fully maximize the corridor’s development potential.