MGA Fire Safety

Only You Can Prevent Dorm Fires


Middle Georgia State University is dedicated to maintaining a safe living environment for all of our students and demonstrates this commitment through providing all on-campus housing facilities with fire sprinklers, fire alarm, and emergency power systems that are inspected regularly. Regardless of where you live fire safety is everyone’s responsibility.  While fancy equipment is essential to keeping everyone safe the Environmental Health & Safety team would also like to provide you with a few tips to further ensure your safety as you prepare for a new and productive semester:

  • Learn your buildings evacuation plan and practice ALL fire drills as if they are the real thing. Ignoring the alarm is not an option!
  • When the fire alarm sounds get out of the building quickly and STAY OUT!
  • Stay in the kitchen when cooking, and never cook when you are drowsy from fatigue, alcohol or medication.
  • Refrain from using hot plates, toaster ovens, George Foreman grills, candles, halogen and lava lamps, space heaters, and incense.
  • DO NOT smoke on campus as Middle Georgia State University is a smoke-free campus.