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MGA Professor’s Film Series Idea Celebrates Milestone

L-R Dr. Patrick Brennan and Dr. Robert Burnham. Photo by Hannah Hartman.

Beginning in 1999 as an effort to help revitalize downtown Macon life, and bring audiences to the newly renovated Douglass Theatre, the CollegeTown Film Series did so by bringing together students from Mercer University, Wesleyan College, and what is now Middle Georgia State University, to grow together and appreciate film culture in an exciting and educational way.

Twenty years later, the dynamic of downtown has transformed into a lively and upbeat environment. Not only did the CollegeTown Film Series (and The Douglass Theatre) aid in the rebirth of downtown Macon, but it has stuck around through the years, and still draws an impressive crowd of students and community members. 

Read more about how MGA professors Dr. Robert Burnham and Dr. Patrick Brennan use their passion for film to bring campus communities together and view the 2019 CollegeTown Film Series schedule.