Mid-1990s Cochran Campus International Students Maintain Ties, Share Memories

Even now, a quarter of a century later, what they remember most fondly about their year as international students at Middle Georgia College in Cochran are things that maybe seemed inconsequential at the time. 

Sabine Vanderstricht recalls weekend jaunts to movie theaters in Macon. Fredrick Höglund remembers several of them taking driver’s tests somewhere in or near Cochran so they could get their Georgia licenses. In a recollection that students nowadays would hardly begin to comprehend, Carolina Benassi mentions standing in line at her residence hall waiting her turn to use a pay phone to call home.

From among all the international students at that time emerged a core group of about eight friends – young women and men who traveled to the U.S. from around the globe to spend the 1994-1995 academic year (a few were there a bit longer) as study abroad students at what is now Middle Georgia State University’s Cochran Campus.

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