Middle Georgia State University now offers a minor in Business

We wanted to let you know about something new:  a Minor in Business.  You can take five courses (four specific courses shown below and one business elective) and have a minor in business to complement your major.

 ACCT 2000 Survey of Accounting (for Non-Business Majors)

  1. ECON 1101 Survey of Economics (for Non-Business Majors)
  2. MGMT 3141 Principles of Management
  3. MKTG 3161 Principles of Marketing
  4. Elective (3 credit hours, any business course 3xxx or 4xxx)

Examples of electives:

  • MGMT 4135 Entrepreneurship
  • MGMT 4505 Leadership
  • MKTG 3162 Consumer Behavior
  • MKTG 3170 Sales & Sales Behavior

Knowing something about economics, accounting, marketing and management offers insight on how to find your audience and deliver using skills you develop in your major.

How to register.  You can start this fall by taking “Survey of Accounting” CRN 82897 and/or “Survey of Economics” CRN 82098.  Both are online sections for your convenience.

Not for business majors.  The accounting and economics survey courses include the “greatest hits” from accounting and economics but are not accepted as a replacement for the business major’s accounting and economics courses.  If you switch to business later (change major), you will have to take the business accounting and economics courses.  These will not substitute.

Have questions? Here is a link to advising https://www.mga.edu/advising/ or contact our business advisors:

Marie Fordham marie.fordham@mga.edu

Connie Jenkins connie.jenkins@mga.edu

We hope you give these fantastic new classes a try!