Middle Georgia State’s Cyber Knights Excel in National Cybersecurity Competition



Three Middle Georgia State University (MGA) students finished in the top 25 of a recent online national cybersecurity competition. All seven students participating placed in the top 10 percent.

Out of 3,334 participants from various colleges and universities, here is how the MGA students ranked: Jason Ellingson, 13th; Jacob Corley, 23rd; Dallas Hoffman, 25th; Jessica Whidby, 103rd; Tanner Hughes, 152nd; Andrew Chastain, 177th; and Matthew Godbee, 231st.

The MGA students are members of the Cyber Knights, a club that meets in virtual training grounds to develop, practice, and validate their cybersecurity skills. These skills are tested outside of the classroom when the students enter the National Cyber League Competition each fall and spring semesters. During the competitions, students work to complete the challenges presented to them and reach a total of 3,000 points.

The Cyber Knights are advised by Nelbert “Doc” St.Clair, director of the MGA School of Information Technology’s Program and Outreach Center for Cybersecurity Education and Applied Research.

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