New and Updated Policies Up for Campus Review

Five policies have been posted to the University Policy Manual for campus review and comment. They were presented to Faculty Senate as an information item on August 26th and will likewise be presented to Staff Council (on September 19th) and to the Student Government Association.

The proposed/revised policies up for review this month include:

Signature Authority. While it has long been the practice that only the President or EVP could bind the institution in an agreement, we now have a proposed university policy on Agreement Review & Approval. It is based on other similar policies in the USG, but tailored to our needs and structure—incorporating the appropriate roles for the Provost and VPs and providing a process for consistency of review, approval, and central retention of agreements to which the university is a party.

Minors on Campus. Following several meetings of a working group on the topic, we updated the draft following USG guidance in August. We anticipate the USG may promulgate a system-wide policy (as it did with sexual misconduct) as early as 2017, so enforcement of this one (including forms and process) protects us in the interim and establishes a draft to submit for USG review by January 1.

Intellectual Property. Following the meeting of the Intellectual Property Committee last spring, this is a first stab at an institutional policy, based on the BOR policy. It includes procedures for mandatory disclosure, clarifies ownership and responsibilities (particularly as our applied research and experiential learning opportunities grow), and makes reference to fair use (a major area of litigation with a landmark case in Georgia last year), and licensing of the university brand (which begins October 1).

Working Animals. In collaboration with Disability Services, University Police, and Residence Life, we have added a policy on service animals based on best practices and guidance from the Department of Justice.

Parking Policy. Existing policies were revised by University Police, adding a $100 fine for Tailgating (or Gate-Running) to deter vehicles from entering or exiting a parking area, lot, structure, or deck by driving directly behind a valid vehicle entering/exiting the area (a practice usually engaged in by unauthorized vehicles/visitors).

Keep an eye on the Proposed Policies and Updates sections of the University Policy Manual for revisions throughout the year and send any comments or questions to